Quality Advantage

"What advantage has your current vendor given you lately?"

Low Minimum Order

Reduce your inventory levels & raw material costs.

Exclusive Wax-less Carbide Grades

A "no shortcuts" approach to our own in-house grade powder processing gives our grades consistent performance.   

Ten Minute Average Quotation Time

How long did you wait for your last quote?

Standard 10-15 Working Day Delivery (3-5 working day RUSH)

Reduce your inventory level.

Custom Preformed Blanks

Save material and labor time.

Raise productivity without adding labor costs with preformed blanks. View our "PROVEN TIMESAVERS" for pictures of time saving ideas that show how we can help shorten your tool fabrication times

Access to a Carbide Expert

Our metallurgical experts have a lifetime experience of tungsten carbide production, sales, analysis, AND application.  At QCMI, you have the advantage of having a metallurgical expert available on-call with straightforward technical advice.  On the phone or in person, we will NOT waste our client's valuable time.

Virtually No Tooling Fees- (Special cases USD$200-$500)

How many thousands of dollars did your current vendor charge for your most recent special tooling set?


“Green-machining” is the term we use for machining tungsten carbide while it is in the state as a block of compressed powder.  Green processing allows us to create a wide variety of geometries in tungsten carbide.  It is a highly flexible & cost-efficient process which allows for dimension changes on future orders at no additional tooling costs. Gallery of preforms

Stocking Programs For Custom Blanks

Receive the sizes and quantities you require on your schedule and within your budget.

Customer-Driven Standards For Quality

...because sometimes the industry standard isn't good enough.