Proven Timesavers

timesaverlarge2How much time can YOUR shop save today?

Gain significant savings in grinding & wire-EDM time with green-machined preforms from Quality Carbide Metals.  This manufacturing process allows us to quickly remove larger amounts of material per cut than conventional hard-grinding or EDM.  As a result, preformed geometries are much more affordable than hard-grinding or wire-EDM and they will streamline your tool manufacturing process.

QCMI can provide a blank with a form that is near the net shape of your final form.  A fabricator simply grinds the grinding stock allowance (typically .010"-.030") off to bring the dimensions into tolerance and the tool is finished.  Oftentimes, the finish and tolerance held by our green machining eliminates the need for nothing more than a sharpening of the edges.  This is especially the case for our brazing tips.  For those that prefer to start with a solid basic-shaped billet, we eliminate the need to pay for more material than is necessary by offering custom sizes at no additional tooling charge.  Standard catalog blanks will become a waste of material & money when you discover how affordable our custom sizes and forms truly are!

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Contact Quality Carbide Metals to find out how you can use their green-machining capability to reduce the time that you are spending on your most tedious carbide fabricating operation.