Quality Carbide Metals, Incorporated is a privately-owned tungsten carbide manufacturer located in Spartanburg, South Carolina- U.S.A.

The company was founded in 1983 by Oscar C. Saad. Mr. Saad is a chemical engineer with a lifetime of multi-faceted tungsten carbide manufacturing experience. Mr. Saad is joined by John A. Campbell, who has a lifetime of experience as a tungsten carbide metallurgist. Oscar's son, Michael, joined the company in 1997 after college and has been mentored by Oscar and John since working summers at the plant starting at age 10.

Quality Carbide Metals, Inc. (QCMI) manufactures consistently high-quality tungsten carbide products made from waxless grade powders that are formulated on site.  All of our products are engineered to give repeatable high-wear results at any size and at any quantity. 

QCMI has developed extensive green-machining capabilities which allow a wide variety of geometries to be formed.  These formed custom carbide blanks, called preform blanks, provide great savings of valuable time and money for fabricators.

QCMI offers toolmakers a higher level of service.  When you call on us, you are immediately connected with a proven expert in both tungsten carbide manufacturing and its application.  Valuable reverse engineering services are readily available to customers searching for a carbide solution to their lower-wear steel tooling.

QCMI does not expect to be your only carbide vendor.  QCMI is a custom geometry carbide blank manufacturer.  Your current standard carbide blanks supplier is good at what they make- thousands of pieces of a catalog-standard blank.  QCMI's products are designed to perform at the highest performance level for a particular grade class time & time again.







Why Choose Quality Carbide

  Trusted Since 1983

  Lowest Minimum Order

  Reliably Fast Service

  No-Wax Grade Chemistry

  Fast Quotes

  Custom Preform Shapes

  Proven Carbide Experts

  No/Low Tooling Costs


Quality Carbide Metals has the lowest minimum order in the industry.  We quote and make quantities in as low as one piece with the same quality and enthusiasm as we make a 1,000 piece quantity.  Coupled with our reliably fast delivery, great savings in inventory costs can be found by using Quality Carbide Metals.

We formulate our own grades on site.  The industry trend of using 3rd party grade powder processors is one of many little known shortcuts commonly used, which we believe to seriously compromise the long-term consistency of a tungsten carbide product.   We exclusively use our wax less grade formulations for every application and never use "metallurgical shortcuts".  Our grades are more consistent and reliable in their performance in your tools.